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Stock code: SZ002547

current position:Home page - power chunxing - innovative development

Business philosophy

The enterprise management philosophy starts from the overall situation of chunxing jinggong, which is the systematic and fundamental management guiding ideology embodied in the enterprise operation process. It is the overall value criterion that chunxing seiko should abide by in the process of enterprise management, production and operation and customer service.

"Worship god, love others, integrate innovation"

Worship god and lover - "worship god and lover" contains a heart of awe, gratitude and altruism

Integrated innovation - "integrated innovation" includes multi-dimensional learning and integration, and the pursuit of new creation after achieving harmony within the enterprise. Thus, a qualitative leap will take place and a unique innovation ability and core competitiveness that cannot be duplicated or surpassed will be formed.

New business area

  • Arms industry
  • Factoring industry
  • New energy industry

Eight major information systems

  • PLM

    PLM product lifecycle management system
  • ERP

    ERP enterprise resource management system
  • OA

    OA office system
  • MES

    MES manufacturing management system
  • SRM

    SRM supply chain coordination system
  • E-HR

    E-hr human resource management system
  • E-RMS

    E-rms unstructured management system
  • BI

    BI intelligent report analysis system
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